Homeless design network: designs looking for a home

  • Posted: May 7, 2012 
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Smart design is thinking how to produce optimizing material and time. Objects can be handmade and produced on a small scale without an excessive cost thanks to new, reused or recycled materials and new assembly possibilities.

This is Smart Design, to create an appealing object while being aware of the production process and how it can be improved in order to sell it at a fair price.

This is what we believe in. Designers have the responsibility to find new ways of fulfilling a new design market; one where products have a soul; made with love and care with a reasonable selling price.

Our community provides you with an online shop where you can sell your designs. Please fill in the online shop application and send it to shop@homelessdesign.net. If your product matches our concept we will reply you with the terms and conditions.

We will love to find a home for your designs. 

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