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We want to thank all the people who came to opening of ‘hand in hand’ exhibition. It is a pleasure to keep sharing our work with you and having your continuous support, with your presence and through facebook or twitter.
Homeless Design is exhibiting a selection of pieces promoting the work of designers that designs objects based on quality and Smart Design. The concept of ‘hand in hand’ comes from the will to create synergies of designer and artisan, but of generations. This way, pieces from emerging designers and the LivingBlock Family furniture go hand in hand in the exhibition.

Pieces on display curated by Homeless Design at hand in hand exhibition merging with Antonio Serrano’s new collection.

Brunches by La Mamba

Dalton by La Mamba

Paralells by La Mamba

Mamut by La Mamba

Alika by Raúl Laurí

elBotijo by WOW

Arca de ballet by David Pérez Medina

Teafortwo by Blanca Ortiz

Wooden Tray by Blanca Ortiz

Hanglass by Idoia Mendiola

GIFU by Paulina Stephens and Maria del Pilar Velasco

Flux by Natalia Figueroa

La Manga-Napoli by Chichinabo inc.

Teapots by Gaetano di Gregorio

Untitled by Blanca Ortiz

With the collaboration of Beatriz Hernández de Frutos with the skirt Nina.

‘hand in hand’ exhibition is open until January 22nd, 2013.


hand in hand exhibition
16th November,2012 – 22nd January, 2013
Monday – Friday. 11am to 2pm – 4pm to 8pm
Mad Gallery calle Abtao 25, interior nave B. Madrid

Curated and organized by Homeless Design and Mad Lab.

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