Homeless Design Cafe
our first pop-up café
Madrid. Spain

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 What is it?

A meeting point for design lovers. It is a coffee house with a showroom, where you
can find information about artisans to produce your next design. A physical space to
display ‘objects looking for a home’, pieces from designers of the ‘Homeless Family’.
An elegant but edgy space, carefully designed to seem unfinished. It is the perfect place
for hosting workshops, informal talks or business cocktails.

The first pop-up café for Homeless Design was a big success!

From February through April 2013, the first Homeless Design Cafe received designers, architects and trendsetters; it held a permanent exhibition of products from its catalogue and a temporal one for European Crafts Days 2013. A friendly environment where you can chat with friends, 
bring your laptop, have an informal business meeting, have a drinks
 after-work and be inspired to design great things!

We are looking for the next location. Interested?

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